FLK Gearbox Reducer Maintenance Tips

FLK Gearbox Factory Show

Lubricant Addition

Loosen the screw on the oil plug, insert the correct oil refueling oil in a place slightly above the center line, and then install the plug.
There is no need to supply fuel to the reducer (motor).

To Start

Before you begin, you should check and record for the following purposes:

  1. Oil level
  2. Oil cooling or oil supply system for pipe seals
  3. Effect of shaft seal
  4. The rotating part is not in contact with other parts.


The starting of the speed reducer (motor) should, if possible, operate for no more than a few hours under no-load conditions. If there is no abnormality, the load may gradually increase.
The reducer must be monitored during operation.
Oil temperature (Design temperature of reducer for continuous operation: Continuous operation for mineral oil use, use synthetic oil at 90 ℃, high temperature, maximum temperature can reach 100 ℃ during short time operation);
Running noise change;
The housing and shaft seal may leak.
Accurate oil level height;

Reducer Maintenance

If the gear reducer repair is unsuccessful, it should be done by the customer service department. After the warranty period and any unspecified reasons have occurred, please contact the customer service department.

Inspection & Maintenance Frequency

Measures Frequency
Oil temperature check Daily
Abnormal sound silencer check Monthly
Confirmation of reducer leakage Monthly
Check oil level height Before starting the gear reducer
Checking the water ratio of the oil 400 hours after start of operation
1st oil change 400 hours after startup, at least once a year
Followed oil change Every 18 months or 5000 hours
Oil filter cleaning Every 3 months
Screw ventilation valve cleaning Every 3 months
Clean fan and fan covers and decelerating boxes Depending on your requirements or cleaning with oil change at the same time
Check cooling coil scale About every 2 years or at the same time with oil change
Oil water cooler check At the same time with oil change
Bolt fastening degree check After the first oil change, once every two oil changes
Comprehensive reducer check About every 2 years or at the same time with oil change