R series inline helical gearboxes and gearmotors from FLK drive, combine high efficiency, flexible design, and a wide range of ratios with maximum reliability in a wide variety of applications and industries. The helical gear units offer an optimum ratio between torque output and installation space and cover a torque range from 50 to 18000 Nm.
R series coaxial helical gearmotors are Foot/Flange-mounted, helical gear units with solid output shaft, Input and output shafts are parallel to each other.
Available models:
R17, R27, R37, R47, R57, R67, R77, R87, R97, R107, R137, R147, R167
RF17, RF27, RF37, RF47, RF57, RF67, RF77, RF87, RF97, RF107, RF137, RF147, RF167
RX37, RX57, RX67, RX77, RX87, RX97, RX107, RX127, RX157
RM57, RM67, RM77 , RM87, RM97, RM107, RM137, RM147, RM167

R107 Motorreductores con cajas de engranes helicoidales De ejes coloidales
Inline Helical Speed Reducers for Conveyor
R series Coaxial Helical Gear Speed reducer SEW equivalent
MRD Drive R series Helical Gear Reducer
rx77 helical gearmotor sew
Foot/Flange Mounted Helical Gearboxes
Inline helical geared motor
R67 Inline Helical Reduction Gearbox for Conveyor
R Series Inline / Coaxial Helical Gear Motors & Gearboxes
R67 helical gearbox
RX series Single Stage Helical Gearmotors
Motorreductor - Reductor de velocidad de engranajes helicoidales
MRD DRIVE R97 Inline Helical Gearbox with YZRF motor
R97RF57 helical gearmotor
sew helical gearmotor
Flange Mounted Helical Gearmotor with Extended Bearing Hub
Inline Helical Gearbox with Flange mounted
Flange Mounted Helical Inline Reduction Gearbox
coaxial helical gearbox sew standard
R67 Inline Helical Reduction Gearbox for Conveyor
RM67 Helical Geared Motor for Agitator
R-AD Inline Helical Geared motor with input shaft
Inline Helical Gearmotor RF series SEW standard
Inline Helical Gearmotor R series SEW standard