Inline helical geared motor

R series Inline Helical Geared Motor

FLK R series helical gear reducer is designed based on module, which bring many difference kinds of combinations, mounting types, and structure designs. The detail classification of ratio can meet various of working condition. High Transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance. The hard tooth surface gear use the high quality alloy steel, the process of carburizing and quenching, grinding, which give it following characters: Stable transmission, low noise and temperature, high loading and long working life.


  • Adopt optimized design, module combination.
  • Inline output, wide application.
  • It adopts advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, which has high bearing capacity, reliable operation and low noise.
  • Good sealing performance, suitable for a wide range of working conditions.
  • High transmission efficiency and energy saving.
  • Can be combined with various motors with wider ratio range
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Product Form

  • Transmission Stage:  single stage, two stages, 3 stages or multi-stage combination.
  • Assembly Form: Foot mounted, Flange mounted, B14 small flange mounted, with extended output bearing hub for agitator.
  • Output Shaft: Solid shaft.

Technical Data

  • Size: R37~R167
  • Technical Data(N·m): 130~18000
  • Gear Ratio: 3.37~229.31 (imax:18126)
  • Input Power(kW):0.12~160

Input Power Rating and Max Torque


R17 R27 R37 R47 R57 R67 R77 R87 R97 R107 R137 R147 R167



Input power rating (kw)

0.18-0.75 0.18-3 0.18-3 0.18-5.5 0.18-7.5 0.18-7.5 0.18-11 0.55-22 0.55-30 2.2-45 5.5-55 11-90



3.83-74.84 3.37-135.09 3.41-134.82 3.83-167.65 4.39-189.69 4.29-165.48 5.21-195.24 5.36-246.54 4.49-264.42 5.06-245.5 5.15-223.34 5.00-163.46


Max torque (N.m) 85 130 200 300 450 600 820 1550 3000 4300 8000 13000



Single-stage Size
57 67 77 87 97 107
RX.. Foot-mounted single stage helical gearmotor RX57 RX67 RX77 RX87 RX97 RX107
RXF.. Flange-mounted single stage helical gearmotor RXF57 RXF67 RXF77 RXF87 RXF97 RXF107
Multi-stage Size
17 27 37 47 57 67
R.. Foot-mounted helical geared motor R17 R27 R37 R47 R57 R67
R..F Foot-mounted and flange-mounted helical geared motor R17F R27F R37F R47F R57F R67F
RF.. Flange-mounted helical geared motor RF17 RF27 RF37 RF47 RF57 RF67
RM.. Flange-mounted with extended bearing hub helical geared motor RM17 RM27 RM37 RM47 RM57 RM67
Multi-stage Size
77 87 97 107 137 147 167
R.. Foot-mounted helical geared motor R77 R87 R97 R107 R137 R147 R167
R..F Foot-mounted and flange-mounted helical geared motor R77F R87F R97F R107F R137F R147F R167F
RF.. Flange-mounted helical geared motor RF77 RF87 RF97 RF107 RF137 RF147 RF167
RM.. Flange-mounted with extended bearing hub helical geared motor RM77 RM87 RM97 RM107 RM137 RM147 RM167

* R series: Foot-mounted coaxial helical gearmotor.
R17 speed reducer, R27 speed reducer, R37 speed reducer, R47 speed reducer, R57 speed reducer, R67 speed reducer, R77 speed reducer, R87 speed reducer, R97 speed reducer, R107 speed reducer, R137 speed reducer, R147 speed reducer, R167 speed reducer,

* RF: Flange-mounted inline helical gearmotor.
RF17 speed reducer, RF27 speed reducer, RF37 speed reducer, RF47 speed reducer, RF57 speed reducer, RF67 speed reducer, RF77 speed reducer, RF87 speed reducer, RF97 speed reducer, RF107 speed reducer, RF137 speed reducer, RF147 speed reducer, RF167 speed reducer,

* RX: Single stage inline helical gearmotor.
RX37 speed reducer, RX57 speed reducer, RX67 speed reducer, RX77 speed reducer, RX87 speed reducer, RX97 speed reducer, RX107 speed reducer, RX127 speed reducer, RX157 speed reducer,

* RXF: Single stage flange mounted inline helical gearmotor.
RXF37 speed reducer, RXF57 speed reducer, RXF67 speed reducer, RXF77 speed reducer, RXF87 speed reducer, RXF97 speed reducer, RXF107 speed reducer, RXF127 speed reducer, RXF157 speed reducer,

* RXS: Single stage with shaft input inline helical gearmotor.
RXS37 gearmotor, RXS57 gearmotor, RXS67 gearmotor, RXS77 gearmotor, RXS87 gearmotor, RXS gearmotor97, RXS gearmotor107, RXS gearmotor127, RXS157 gearmotor,

* RS: Foot-mounted, shaft input inline helical gearmotor.
RS27 speed reducer, RS37 speed reducer, RS47 speed reducer, RS57 speed reducer, RS67 speed reducer, RS77 speed reducer, RS87 speed reducer, RS97 speed reducer, RS107 speed reducer, RS137 speed reducer, RS147 speed reducer, RS167 speed reducer,

* RFS: Flange-mounted, shaft input inline helical gearmotor.
RFS27 speed reducer, RFS37 speed reducer, RFS47 speed reducer, RFS57 speed reducer, RFS67 speed reducer, RFS77 speed reducer, RFS87 speed reducer, RFS97 speed reducer, RFS107 speed reducer, RFS137 speed reducer, RFS147 speed reducer, RFS167 speed reducer,

* R…RF: Foot-mounted combination coaxial helical gearmotor.
R27RF17 gearmotor, R37RF17 gearmotor, R47RF37 gearmotor, R57RF37 gearmotor, R67RF37 gearmotor, R77RF37 gearmotor, R87RF57 gearmotor, R97RF57 gearmotor, R107RF77 gearmotor, R137RF77 gearmotor, R147RF77 gearmotor, R147RF87 gearmotor, R167RF97 gearmotor, R167RF107 gearmotor,

* RM series Flange-mounted with extended bearing hub inline helical geared motor, especially for mixer
RM57 gearmotor, RM67 gearmotor, RM77 gearmotor, RM87 gearmotor, RM97 gearmotor, RM107 gearmotor, RM137 gearmotor, RM147 gearmotor, RM167 gearmotor

Type and Designation

R series inline helical gearmotor type designation

  1. Directly-connected motor speed reducer:  RFF10792.7Y5.5KW4PM1J1350
  2. Directly-connected motor Speed reducer(Combination type): RFF107RFF7792.7Y5.5KW4PM1J1350 
  3. With motor and input flange: RFF10792.7AM132B5Y5.5KW4PM1350
  4. Input flange-mounted, without motor: RFF10792.7AM132B5M1350
  5. With input shaft: RFF10792.7AD4M1350

AM132B5: Dimension of IEC flange ( please refer to our catalogue)
AD4: Input shaft (AD1, AD2, AD3, AD4, AD5, AD6, AD7, AD8)

Motor Code:

*Y: Standard 3-phase motors
*YB: Explosion-proof motors
* YEJ: Brake motors
*YD: Multi-speed motors
* YVP: Variable frequency motors
*YCT: Electromagnetic speed regulation motors
*YR: Crane and metallurgy motors
*YVPEJ: Variable frequency and brake motors
*YG: Roller table motors
*YGPEJ: Variable frequency and brake and roller table motors

Mounting Position

R series inline helical gearmotor mounting position

Motor Terminal Box Position

R series inline helical gearmotor terminal box position

Structure Drawing

Modular Design

China manufacturer of Helical Gearmotors modular desgin

Product Pictures

R series helical gearmotor


The products are widely used in light industry, food, beer and beverage, chemical industry, escalators, automatic storage equipment, construction, machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, paper-making, wood-based panel machinery, automobile manufacturing, tobacco machinery, water conservancy, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical, textile, building materials, logistics, feed machinery, environmental protection and other fields.

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