H series heavy duty parallel shaft helical reduction industrial gearboxes are designed based on module with parallel shaft. The transmission torque distribution curve is excellent, suitable for heavy load conditions. It adopts advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, which has high bearing capacity, reliable operation and low noise. The box body is made of high-quality casting to improve the mechanical strength and seismic performance of the reducer. Numerous mounting options are available.

The parallel shaft helical gearboxes are the same mounting dimensions as FLENDER(SIEMENS). There are high precision and high strength. Gear precision are above grade 6 (DIN), ground by profile grinding machine with power range: 3-5000kW and ratio:1.25-400.

H3HV Hollow Shaft Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Unit with Vertical mounted
H3SH5-31.5-A parallel shaft helical reduction gearbox with OIL pump
H1SH11 single stage parallel shaft helical gear unit
parallel shaft gearbox FLENDER
FLK H3SH12 Helical Reduction Gear Box
H2SH Parallel Shaft Helical gearbox Flender
H1SH11 Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box
H3HV12 Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box
H1HH H2HH H3HH H4HH Parallel shaft helical Gearbox
H3SH6 Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox