With FLK drive P series planetary gear units, we offer you a spectrum of fatigue-resistant, reliable and finely spaced gear unit solutions. The series includes not only the highly integrated planetary gear motor but also maximum conformity with all international motor standards and ensures that quality and performance bear a sensible relationship to life cycle costs and price.

P series planetary gearboxes are the same mounting dimensions as FLENDER(SIEMENS). The finely spaced planetary gear reducer series offer wide variety due to various output shafts, conformity to different motor standards, application-specific auxiliary equipment and load-sharing options. This permits a large number of possible applications to be catered for.

P2NB12-KF97-750-11KW Inline Planetary gear box with helical bevel gear unit
P2NB P3NB Heavy Duty Inline Coaxial Planetary Gearbox with Motor
P2LA Hollow Shaft Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox Motor
P2LA Right angle Planetary gear reduction unit
P2NB9-25-AM250B5 Coaxial planetary gear unit MRD
P2NA9 hollow shaft coaxial planetary gear unit
P2LB18 right angle two stage planetary gear box FLENDER standard
P2LB right angle bevel planetary gear unit
planetary gear unit flender
Inline Planetary Gearbox with Motor
High Torque Industrial Planetary Gearboxes
P2NB9 Coaxial Planetary Gear box for Conveyor
P2NB11 Planetary Gearbox
Foot Mounted Inline Planetary Geared Motor with Pump
Bevel Helical Planetary Gearbox and Motor
Motoreductores tipo planetario FLENDER
planetary gearboxes
P2LB16 Planetary Reducer Gearbox
FLK Planetary Gearbox for Multi-tube drier
P2NB10RF87 Planetary gearbox
P2KA18 Planetary Gearbox for Apron Conveyor