planetary gearboxes

P series Heavy Duty Planetary Gearboxes

Model P2KA9~P2KA34, P2KB9~K2KB34, P2KC9~P2KC34, P2KD9~P2KD34
Ratio 25 ~ 4,000
Input power 0.4~9551 KW
Output torque 22~1920 kN.m


P series planetary gearboxes uses several planet gears to transfer load, thus to actualize power division and effective use of inner engagement. It is featured by compact structure, small volume, lightweight, wide range of ratio, high driving efficiency, etc.


  • Modular design, variable combination with other Series as required
  • Housing material: nodular cast iron, better rigidity and better anti-vibration capability.
  • Carburize-hardening of sun, planet, pinion and bevel gears to achieve high rigidity and good wear resistance, all teeth ground after heat treatment, thus noise reduced and the gear units efficiency and lifetime enhanced.
  •  Input Mode: Coaxial input, helical gear input, bevel-helical gear input.
  • Output mode: Internal involute spline, hollow shaft with shrink disk, external involute spline, solid shaft with flat key.
  • Mounting mode: Horizontal vertical, torque-arm.
  • P series size:9~34, transmission stage:2 stage and 3 stage, Ratio:25~4000, ratio will be larger in combination with K,R, series.

Product Form

  • Transmission Stage: 2 stage, 3 stage.
  • Input Form: N – Standard (coaxial), S – Helical gear stage, L – Bevel gear stage, K – Bevel-helical gear stage
  • Output Form: A – Hollow shaft output with locking plate, B – Solid shaft output with flat key, C – Hollow shaft output with involute Spline, D – Solid shaft output with involute spline

Technical Data

  • Size: P2/09~P2/34, P3/09~P3/34
  • Technical Data(kN·m): 22~1920
  • Gear Ratio: 25~4000
  • Input Power(kW):0.4~9551

Available Models

  • P2N series planetary gearboxes: 2 Stage Planetary Gear Set, Coaxial

P2NA9, P2NA10, P2NA11, P2NA12, P2NA13, P2NA14, P2NA15, P2NA16, P2NA17, P2NA18, P2NA19, P2NA20, P2NA21, P2NA22, P2NA23, P2NA24, P2NA25, P2NA26, P2NA27, P2NA28, P2NA29, P2NA30, P2NA31, P2NA32, P2NA33, P2NA34

P2NB9, P2NB10, P2NB11, P2NB12, P2NB13, P2NB14, P2NB15, P2NB16, P2NB17, P2NB18, P2NB19, P2NB20, P2NB21, P2NB22, P2NB23, P2NB24, P2NB25, P2NB26, P2NB27, P2NB28, P2NB29, P2NB30, P2NB31, P2NB32, P2NB33, P2NB34

P2NC9, P2NC10, P2NC11, P2NC12, P2NC13, P2NC14, P2NC15, P2NC16, P2NC17, P2NC18, P2NC19, P2NC20, P2NC21, P2NC22, P2NC23, P2NC24, P2NC25, P2NC26, P2NC27, P2NC28, P2NC29, P2NC30, P2NC31, P2NC32, P2NC33, P2NC34

P2ND9, P2ND10, P2ND11, P2ND12, P2ND13, P2ND14, P2ND15, P2ND16, P2ND17, P2ND18, P2ND19, P2ND20, P2ND21, P2ND22, P2ND23, P2ND24, P2ND25, P2ND26, P2ND27, P2ND28, P2ND29, P2ND30, P2ND31, P2ND32, P2ND33, P2ND34

  • P2L – 2 Stage Planetary Gear Set Integrated with Spiral Bevel Gear Pair, Right Angle

P2LA9, P2LA10, P2LB11, P2LB12, P2LA13, P2LA14, P2LB16, P2LB17, P2LB18,P2LA19, P2LB20, P2LA21, P2LB22, P2LA23, P2LB24, P2LA25, P2LA26, P2LA27, P2LA28, P2LA29, P2LA30, P2LA31, P2LA32, P2LA33, P2LA34

P2LB9, P2LB10, P2LB11, P2LB12, P2LB13, P2LB14, P2LB15, P2LB16, P2LB17, P2LB18, P2LB19, P2LB20, P2LB21, P2LB22, P2LB23, P2LB24, P2LB25, P2LB26, P2LB27, P2LB28, P2LB29, P2LB30, P2LB31, P2LB32, P2LB33, P2LB34

P2LC9, P2LC10, P2LC11, P2LC12, P2LC13, P2LC14, P2LC15, P2LC16, P2LC17, P2LC18, P2LC19, P2LC20, P2LC21, P2LC22, P2LC23, P2LC24, P2LC25, P2LC26, P2LC27, P2LC28, P2LC29, P2LC30, P2LC31, P2LC32, P2LC33, P2LC34

P2LD9, P2LD10, P2LD11, P2LD12, P2LD13, P2LD14, P2LD15, P2LD16, P2LD17, P2LD18, P2LD19, P2LD20, P2LD21, P2LD22, P2LD23, P2LD24, P2LD25, P2LD26, P2LD27, P2LD28, P2LD29, P2LD30, P2LD31, P2LD32, P2LD33, P2LD34

  • P2S – 2 Stage Planetary Gear Set Integrated with Helical Gear Pair, Parallel Shaft

P2SA9, P2SA10, P2SA11, P2SA12, P2SA13, P2SA14, P2SA15, P2SA16, P2SA17, P2SA18, P2SA19, P2SA20, P2SA21, P2SA22, P2SA23, P2SA24, P2SA25, P2SA26, P2SA27, P2SA28, P2SA29, P2SA30, P2SA31, P2SA32, P2SA33, P2SA34

P2SB9, P2SB10, P2SB11, P2SB12, P2SB13, P2SB14, P2SB15, P2SB16, P2SB17, P2SB18, P2SB19, P2SB20, P2SB21, P2SB22, P2SB23, P2SB24, P2SB25, P2SB26, P2SB27, P2SB28, P2SB29, P2SB30, P2SB31, P2SB32, P2SB33, P2SB34

P2SC9, P2SC10, P2SC11, P2SC12, P2SC13, P2SC14, P2SC15, P2SC16, P2SC17, P2SC18, P2SC19, P2SC20, P2SC21, P2SC22, P2SC23, P2SC24, P2SC25, P2SC26, P2SC27, P2SC28, P2SC29, P2SC30, P2SC31, P2SC32, P2SC33, P2SC34

P2SD9, P2SD10, P2SD11, P2SD12, P2SD13, P2SD14, P2SD15, P2SD16, P2SD17, P2SD18, P2SD19, P2SD20, P2SD21, P2SD22, P2SD23, P2SD24, P2SD25, P2SD26, P2SD27, P2SD28, P2SD29, P2SD30, P2SD31, P2SD32, P2SD33, P2SD34

  • P2K – 2 Stage Planetary Gear Set Integrated with Helical Gear Pair & Bevel Gear Pair, Right Angle

P2KA9, P2KA10, P2KA11, P2KA12, P2KA13, P2KA14, P2KA15, P2KA16, P2KA17, P2KA18, P2KA19, P2KA20, P2KA21, P2KA22, P2KA23, P2KA24, P2KA25, P2KA26, P2KA27, P2KA28, P2KA29, P2KA30, P2KA31, P2KA32, P2KA33, P2KA34

P2KB9, P2KB10, P2KB11, P2KB12, P2KB13, P2KB14, P2KB15, P2KB16, P2KB17, P2KB18, P2KB19, P2KB20, P2KB21, P2KB22, P2KB23, P2KB24, P2KB25, P2KB26, P2KB27, P2KB28, P2KB29, P2KB30, P2KB31, P2KB32, P2KB33, P2KB34

P2KC9, P2KC10, P2KC11, P2KC12, P2KC13, P2KC14, P2KC15, P2KC16, P2KC17, P2KC18, P2KC19, P2KC20, P2KC21, P2KC22, P2KC23, P2KC24, P2KC25, P2KC26, P2KC27, P2KC28, P2KC29, P2KC30, P2KC31, P2KC32, P2KC33 , P2KC34

P2KD9, P2KD10, P2KD11, P2KD12, P2KD13, P2KD14, P2KD15, P2KD16, P2KD17, P2KD18, P2KD19, P2KD20, P2KD21, P2KD22, P2KD23, P2KD24, P2KD25, P2KD26, P2KD27, P2KD28, P2KD29, P2KD30, P2KD31, P2KD32, P2KD33, P2KD34

  • P3N – 3 Stage Planetary Gear Set, Coaxial

P3NA9, P3NA10, P3NA11, P3NA12, P3NA13, P3NA14, P3NA15, P3NA16, P3NA17, P3NA18, P3NA19, P3NA20, P3NA21, P3NA22, P3NA23, P3NA24, P3NA25, P3NA26, P3NA27, P3NA28, P3NA29, P3NA30, P3NA31, P3NA32, P3NA33, P3NA34

P3NB9, P3NB10, P3NB11, P3NB12, P3NB13, P3NB14, P3NB15, P3NB16, P3NB17, P3NB18, P3NB19, P3NB20, P3NB21, P3NB22, P3NB23, P3NB24, P3NB25, P3NB26, P3NB27, P3NB28, P3NB29, P3NB30, P3NB31, P3NB32, P3NB33, P3NB34

P3NC9, P3NC10, P3NC11, P3NC12, P3NC13, P3NC14, P3NC15, P3NC16, P3NC17, P3NC18, P3NC19, P3NC20, P3NC21, P3NC22, P3NC23, P3NC24, P3NC25, P3NC26, P3NC27, P3NC28, P3NC29, P3NC30, P3NC31, P3NC32, P3NC33, P3NC34

P3ND9, P3ND10, P3ND11, P3ND12, P3ND13, P3ND14, P3ND15, P3ND16, P3ND17, P3ND18, P3ND19, P3ND20, P3ND21, P3ND22, P3ND23, P3ND24, P3ND25, P3ND26, P3ND27, P3ND28, P3ND29, P3ND30, P3ND31, P3ND32, P3ND33, P3ND34

  • P3S – 3 Stage Planetary Gear Set Integrated with Helical Gear Pair, Parallel Shaft

P3SA9, P3SA10, P3SA11, P3SA12, P3SA13, P3SA14, P3SA15, P3SA16, P3SA17, P3SA18, P3SA19, P3SA20, P3SA21, P3SA22, P3SA23, P3SA24, P3SA25, P3SA26, P3SA27, P3SA28, P3SA29, P3SA30, P3SA31, P3SA32, P3SA33, P3SA34

P3SB9, P3SB10, P3SB11, P3SB12, P3SB13, P3SB14, P3SB15, P3SB16, P3SB17, P3SB18, P3SB19, P3SB20, P3SB21, P3SB22, P3SB23, P3SB24, P3SB25, P3SB26, P3SB27, P3SB28, P3SB29, P3SB30, P3SB31, P3SB32, P3SB33, P3SB34

P3SC9, P3SC10, P3SC11, P3SC12, P3SC13, P3SC14, P3SC15, P3SC16, P3SC17, P3SC18, P3SC19, P3SC20, P3SC21, P3SC22, P3SC23, P3SC24, P3SC25, P3SC26, P3SC27, P3SC28, P3SC29, P3SC30, P3SC31, P3SC32, P3SC33, P3SC34,

P3SD9,     P3SD10,   P3SD11,   P3SD12,   P3SD13,   P3SD14,   P3SD15,   P3SD16,   P3SD17,   P3SD18, P3SD19,   P3SD20,   P3SD21,   P3SD22,   P3SD23,   P3SD24,   P3SD25,   P3SD26,   P3SD27,   P3SD28, P3SD29,   P3SD30,   P3SD31,   P3SD32,   P3SD33,   P3SD34,

  • P3K – 3 Stage Planetary Gear Set Integrated with Helical Gear Pair & Bevel Gear Pair, Right Angle

P3KA9,     P3KA10,   P3KA11,   P3KA12,   P3KA13,   P3KA14,   P3KA15,   P3KA16,   P3KA17,   P3KA18, P3KA19,   P3KA20,   P3KA21,   P3KA22,   P3KA23,   P3KA24,   P3KA25,   P3KA26,   P3KA27,   P3KA28, P3KA29,   P3KA30,   P3KA31,   P3KA32,   P3KA33,   P3KA34,

P3KB9,     P3KB10,   P3KB11,   P3KB12,   P3KB13,   P3KB14,   P3KB15,   P3KB16,   P3KB17,   P3KB18, P3KB19,   P3KB20,   P3KB21,   P3KB22,   P3KB23,   P3KB24,   P3KB25,   P3KB26,   P3KB27,   P3KB28, P3KB29,   P3KB30,   P3KB31,   P3KB32,   P3KB33,   P3KB34,

P3KC9,     P3KC10,   P3KC11,   P3KC12,   P3KC13,   P3KC14,   P3KC15,   P3KC16,   P3KC17,  P3KC18, P3KC19,         P3KC20,   P3KC21,   P3KC22,   P3KC23,   P3KC24,   P3KC25,   P3KC26,   P3KC27,   P3KC28, P3KC29,         P3KC30,   P3KC31,   P3KC32,   P3KC33,   P3KC34,

P3KD9,     P3KD10,  P3KD11,  P3KD12,  P3KD13,  P3KD14,  P3KD15,  P3KD16,  P3KD17,  P3KD18, P3KD19,  P3KD20,  P3KD21,  P3KD22,  P3KD23,  P3KD24,  P3KD25,  P3KD26,  P3KD27,  P3KD28, P3KD29,  P3KD30,  P3KD31,  P3KD32,  P3KD33,  P3KD34,

Type and Designation


Planetary Gearbox type designation


FLENDER standard Planetary Gearbox type designation

Mounting Position

P series planetary gearbox mounting position


China manufacturer of planetary Gearmotors modular desgin

Product pictures

P2KA18 Planetary Gearbox for Apron Conveyor
P2KA18 Planetary Gearbox for Apron Conveyor
P2LB16 Planetary Reducer Gearbox
P2LB16 Planetary Reducer Gearbox
P2NB11 Planetary Gearbox
P2NB11 Planetary Gearboxes
Planetary gear unit Flender
P2NB10RF87 Planetary gearbox


Planetary gearboxes are widely used in light industry, food, beer and beverage, chemical industry, escalators, automatic storage equipment, construction, machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, paper-making, wood-based panel machinery, automobile manufacturing, tobacco machinery, water conservancy, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical, textile, building materials, logistics, feed machinery, environmental protection and other fields.

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