parallel shaft gearbox FLENDER

H series Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

FLK H series parallel shaft helical gearbox is designed based on module with parallel shaft. The transmission torque distribution curve is excellent, suitable for heavy load conditions. It adopts advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, which has high bearing capacity, reliable operation and low noise. The box body is made of high-quality casting to improve the mechanical strength and seismic performance of the reducer. Numerous mounting options are available.


  • Adopt optimized modular design.
  • Parallel shaft output form.
  • The transmission torque distribution curve is excellent, suitable for heavy load conditions.
  • It adopts advanced grinding technology and shape modification technology, which has high bearing capacity, reliable operation and low noise.
  • The box body is made of high-quality casting to improve the mechanical strength and seismic performance of the reducer.
  • Numerous mounting options are available.

Product Form

  • Transmission Stage: single stage, 2 stage, 3 stage, 4 stage.
  • Mounting: Horizontal mounted, Vertical mounted
  • Parallel Output: Solid shaft, Hollow shaft ( flat key, shrink disk, involute spline), Splined solid shaft, flanged shaft

Technical Data

  • Size: H1SH03~H4SH26
  • Technical Data(kN·m): 2.9~900
  • Gear Ratio: 1.25~450
  • Input Power(kW):5.5~4400

Type and Designation

HB FLENDER industrial gearbox type designation

Mounting Position

HB FLENDER industrial gearbox mounting position

Available models:

Single stage parallel shaft helical gear box models:
  • H1SH03 gearbox, H1SH05 gearbox, H1SH07 gearbox, H1SH11 gearbox, H1SH13 gearbox, H1SH15 gearbox, H1SH17 gearbox, H1SH19 geabox,
  • H1SV03 gearbox, H1SV05 gearbox, H1SV07 gearbox, H1SV11 gearbox, H1SV13 gearbox, H1SV15 gearbox, H1SV17 gearbox, H1SV19 gearbox,
  • H1HH03 gearbox, H1HH05 gearbox, H1HH07 gearbox,  H1HH11 gearbox, H1HH13 gearbox, H1HH15 gearbox, H1HH17 gearbox, H1HH19 gearbox,
  • H1HV03 gearbox, H1HV05 gearbox, H1HV07 gearbox, H1HV11 gearbox, H1HV13 gearbox, H1HV15 gearbox, H1HV17 gearbox, H1HV19 gearbox,
  • H1HM03 gearbox, H1HM05 gearbox, H1HM07 gearbox, H1HM11 gearbox, H1HM13 gearbox, H1HM15 gearbox, H1HM17 gearbox, H1HM19 gearbox,
  • H1DH03 gearbox, H1DH05 gearbox, H1DH07 gearbox,  H1DH11 gearbox, H1DH13 gearbox, H1DH15 gearbox, H1DH17 gearbox, H1DH19 gearbox,
  • H1DV03 gearbox, H1DV05 gearbox, H1DV07 gearbox,  H1DV11 gearbox, H1DV13 gearbox, H1DV15 gearbox, H1DV17 gearbox, H1DV19 gearbox,
  • H1DM03 gearbox, H1DH5 gearbox, H1DH07 gearbox,  H1DH11 gearbox, H1DH13 gearbox, H1DH15 gearbox, H1DH17 gearbox, H1DH19 gearbox,
  • H1KH03 gearbox, H1KH05 gearbox, H1KH07 gearbox,  H1KH11 gearbox, H1KH13 gearbox, H1KH15 gearbox, H1KH17 gearbox, H1KH19 gearbox,
  • H1KV03 gearbox, H1KV05 gearbox, H1KV07 gearbox,  H1KV11 gearbox, H1KV13 gearbox, H1KV15 gearbox, H1KV17 gearbox, H1KV19 gearbox,
  • H1KM03 gearbox, H1KM05 gearbox, H1KM07 gearbox,  H1KM11 gearbox, H1KM13 gearbox, H1KM15, H1KM17 gearbox, H1KM19 gearbox,
  • H1FH03 gearbox, H1FH05 gearbox, H1FH07 gearbox,  H1FH11 gearbox, H1FH13 gearbox, H1FH15 gearbox, H1FH17 gearbox, H1FH19 gearbox
  • H1FV03 gearbox, H1FV05 gearbox, H1FV07 gearbox,  H1FV11 gearbox, H1FV13 gearbox, H1FV15 gearbox, H1FV17 gearbox, H1FV19 gearbox,
  • F1FM03 gearbox, H1FM05 gearbox, H1FM07 gearbox,  H1FM11 gearbox, H1FM13 gearbox, H1FM15 gearbox, H1FM17 gearbox, H1FM19 gearbox,
2 stages parallel shaft helical gearbox models:
  • H2SH04 gearbox, H2SH05 gearbox, H2SH06 gearbox, H2SH07 gearbox, H2SH08 gearbox, H2SH09 gearbox, H2SH10 gearbox, H2SH11 gearbox, H2SH12 gearbox, H2SH13 gearbox, H2SH14 gearbox, H2SH15 gearbox, H2SH16 gearbox, H2SH17 gearbox, H2SH18 gearbox, H2SH19 gearbox, H2SH20 gearbox, H2SH21 gearbox, H2SH22 gearbox, H2SH23 gearbox, H2SH24 gearbox, H2SH25 gearbox, H2SH26 gearbox,
  • H2SV04 gearbox, H2SV05 gearbox, H2SV06 gearbox, H2SV07 gearbox, H2SV08 gearbox, H2SV09 gearbox, H2SV10, H2SV11, H2SV12, H2SV13, H2SV14, H2SV15, H2SV16, H2SV17, H2SV18, H2SV19, H2SV20, H2SV21, H2SV22, H2SV23, H2SV24, H2SV25, H2SV26
  • H2HH04 gearbox, H2HH05 gearbox, H2HH06 gearbox, H2HH07 gearbox, H2HH08 gearbox, H2HH09 gearbox, H2HH10 gearbox, H2HH11 gearbox, H2HH12 gearbox, H2HH13 gearbox, H2HH14 gearbox, H2HH15 gearbox, H2HH16 gearbox, H2HH17 gearbox, H2HH18 gearbox, H2HH19 gearbox, H2HH20 gearbox, H2HH21 gearbox, H2HH22 gearbox, H2HH23 gearbox, H2HH24 gearbox, H2HH25 gearbox, H2HH26 gearbox,
  • H2HV04 gearbox, H2HV05 gearbox, H2HV06 gearbox, H2HV07 gearbox, H2HV08 gearbox, H2HV09 gearbox, H2HV10 gearbox, H2HV11 gearbox, H2HV12 gearbox, H2HV13 gearbox, H2HV14 gearbox, H2HV15 gearbox, H2HV16 gearbox, H2HV17 gearbox, H2HV18 gearbox, H2HV19 gearbox, H2HV20 gearbox, H2HV21 gearbox, H2HV22 gearbox, H2HV23 gearbox, H2HV24 gearbox, H2HV25 gearbox, H2HV26 gearbox,
  • H2HM04 gearbox, H2HM05 gearbox, H2HM06 gearbox, H2HM07 gearbox, H2HM08 gearbox, H2HM09 gearbox, H2HM10 gearbox, H2HM11 gearbox, H2HM12 gearbox, H2HM13 gearbox, H2HM14 gearbox, H2HM15 gearbox, H2HM16 gearbox, H2HM17 gearbox, H2HM18 gearbox, H2HM19 gearbox, H2HM20 gearbox, H2HM21 gearbox, H2HM22 gearbox, H2HM23 gearbox, H2HM24 gearbox, H2HM25 gearbox, H2HM26 gearbox,
  • H2DH04 gearbox, H2DH05 gearbox, H2DH06 gearbox, H2DH07 gearbox, H2DH08 gearbox, H2DH09 gearbox, H2DH10 gearbox, H2DH11 gearbox, H2DH12 gearbox, H2DH13 gearbox, H2DH14 gearbox, H2DH15 gearbox, H2DH16 gearbox, H2DH17 gearbox, H2DH18 gearbox, H2DH19 gearbox, H2DH20 gearbox, H2DH21 gearbox, H2DH22 gearbox, H2DH23 gearbox, H2DH24 gearbox, H2DH25 gearbox, H2DH26 gearbox
  • H2DV04 gearbox, H2DV05 gearbox, H2DV06 gearbox, H2DV07 gearbox, H2DV08 gearbox, H2DV09 gearbox, H2DV10 gearbox, H2DV11 gearbox, H2DV12 gearbox, H2DV13 gearbox, H2DV14 gearbox, H2DV15 gearbox, H2DV16 gearbox, H2DV17 gearbox, H2DV18 gearbox, H2DV19 gearbox, H2DV20 gearbox, H2DV21 gearbox, H2DV22 gearbox, H2DV23 gearbox, H2DV24 gearbox, H2DV25 gearbox, H2DV26 gearbox,
  • H2DM04 gearbox, H2DM05 gearbox, H2DM06 gearbox, H2DM07 gearbox, H2DM08 gearbox, H2DM09 gearbox, H2DM10 gearbox, H2DM11 gearbox, H2DM12 gearbox, H2DM13 gearbox, H2DM14 gearbox, H2DM15 gearbox, H2DM16 gearbox, H2DM17 gearbox, H2DM18 gearbox, H2DM19 gearbox, H2DM20 gearbox, H2DM21 gearbox, H2DM22 gearbox, H2DM23 gearbox, H2DM24 gearbox, H2DM25 gearbox, H2DM26 gearbox,
  • H2KH04 gearbox, H2KH05 gearbox, H2KH06 gearbox, H2KH07 gearbox, H2KH08 gearbox, H2KH09 gearbox, H2KH10 gearbox, H2KH11 gearbox, H2KH12 gearbox, H2KH13 gearbox, H2KH14 gearbox, H2KH15 gearbox, H2KH16 gearbox, H2KH17 gearbox, H2KH18 gearbox, H2KH19 gearbox, H2KH20 gearbox, H2KH21 gearbox, H2KH22 gearbox, H2KH23 gearbox, H2KH24 gearbox, H2KH25 gearbox, H2KH26 gearbox,
  • H2KV04 gearbox, H2KV05 gearbox, H2KV06 gearbox, H2KV07 gearbox, H2KV08 gearbox, H2KV09 gearbox, H2KV10 gearbox, H2KV11 gearbox, H2KV12 gearbox, H2KV13 gearbox, H2KV14 gearbox, H2KV15 gearbox, H2KV16 gearbox, H2KV17 gearbox, H2KV18 gearbox, H2KV19 gearbox, H2KV20 gearbox, H2KV21 gearbox, H2KV22 gearbox, H2KV23 gearbox, H2KV24 gearbox, H2KV25 gearbox, H2KV26 gearbox,
  • H2KM04, H2KM05, H2KM06, H2KM07, H2KM08, H2KM09, H2KM10, H2KM11, H2KM12, H2KM13, H2KM14, H2KM15, H2KM16, H2KM17, H2KM18, H2KM19, H2KM20, H2KM21, H2KM22, H2KM23, H2KM24, H2KM25, H2KM26
  • H2FH04 gearbox, H2FH05 gearbox, H2FH06 gearbox, H2FH07 gearbox, H2FH08 gearbox, H2FH09 gearbox, H2FH10 gearbox, H2FH11 gearbox, H2FH12 gearbox, H2FH13 gearbox, H2FH14 gearbox, H2FH15 gearbox, H2FH16 gearbox, H2FH17 gearbox, H2FH18 gearbox, H2FH19 gearbox, H2FH20 gearbox, H2FH21 gearbox, H2FH22 gearbox, H2FH23 gearbox, H2FH24 gearbox, H2FH25 gearbox, H2FH26 gearbox,
  • H2FV04 gearbox, H2FV05 gearbox, H2FV06 gearbox, H2FV07 gearbox, H2FV08 gearbox, H2FV09 gearbox, H2FV10 gearbox, H2FV11 gearbox, H2FV12 gearbox, H2FV13 gearbox, H2FV14 gearbox, H2FV15 gearbox, H2FV16 gearbox, H2FV17 gearbox, H2FV18 gearbox, H2FV19 gearbox, H2FV20 gearbox, H2FV21 gearbox, H2FV22 gearbox, H2FV23 gearbox, H2FV24 gearbox, H2FV25 gearbox, H2FV26 gearbox,
  • H2FM04 gearbox, H2FM05 gearbox, H2FM06 gearbox, H2FM07 gearbox, H2FM08 gearbox, H2FM09 gearbox, H2FM10 gearbox, H2FM11 gearbox, H2FM12 gearbox, H2FM13 gearbox, H2FM14 gearbox, H2FM15 gearbox, H2FM16 gearbox, H2FM17 gearbox, H2FM18 gearbox, H2FM19 gearbox, H2FM20 gearbox, H2FM21 gearbox, H2FM22 gearbox, H2FM23 gearbox, H2FM24 gearbox, H2FM25 gearbox, H2FM26 gearbox,
3 stages parallel shaft helical gearbox models:
  • H3SH05 gearbox, H3SH06 gearbox, H3SH07 gearbox, H3SH08 gearbox, H3SH09 gearbox, H3SH10 gearbox, H3SH11 gearbox, H3SH12 gearbox, H3SH13 gearbox, H3SH14 gearbox, H3SH15 gearbox, H3SH16 gearbox, H3SH17 gearbox, H3SH18 gearbox, H3SH19 gearbox, H3SH20 gearbox, H3SH21 gearbox, H3SH22 gearbox, H3SH23 gearbox, H3SH24 gearbox, H3SH25 gearbox, H3SH26 gearbox,
  • H3SV05 gearbox, H3SV06 gearbox, H3SV07 gearbox, H3SV08 gearbox, H3SV09 gearbox, H3SV10 gearbox, H3SV11 gearbox, H3SV12 gearbox, H3SV13 gearbox, H3SV14 gearbox, H3SV15 gearbox, H3SV16 gearbox, H3SV17 gearbox, H3SV18 gearbox, H3SV19 gearbox, H3SV20 gearbox, H3SV21 gearbox, H3SV22 gearbox, H3SV23 gearbox, H3SV24 gearbox, H3SV25 gearbox, H3SV26 gearbox,
  • H3HH05 gearbox, H3HH06 gearbox, H3HH07 gearbox, H3HH08 gearbox, H3HH09 gearbox, H3HH10 gearbox, H3HH11 gearbox, H3HH12 gearbox, H3HH13 gearbox, H3HH14 gearbox, H3HH15 gearbox, H3HH16 gearbox, H3HH17 gearbox, H3HH18 gearbox, H3HH19 gearbox, H3HH20 gearbox, H3HH21 gearbox, H3HH22 gearbox, H3HH23 gearbox, H3HH24 gearbox, H3HH25 gearbox, H3HH26 gearbox,
  • H3HV05 gearbox, H3HV06 gearbox, H3HV07 gearbox, H3HV08 gearbox, H3HV09 gearbox, H3HV10 gearbox, H3HV11 gearbox, H3HV12 gearbox, H3HV13 gearbox, H3HV14 gearbox, H3HV15 gearbox, H3HV16 gearbox, H3HV17 gearbox, H3HV18 gearbox, H3HV19 gearbox, H3HV20 gearbox, H3HV21 gearbox, H3HV22 gearbox, H3HV23 gearbox, H3HV24 gearbox, H3HV25 gearbox, H3HV26 gearbox,
  • H3HM05 gearbox, H3HM06 gearbox, H3HM07 gearbox, H3HM08 gearbox, H3HM09 gearbox, H3HM10 gearbox, H3HM11 gearbox, H3HM12 gearbox, H3HM13 gearbox, H3HM14 gearbox, H3HM15 gearbox, H3HM16 gearbox, H3HM17 gearbox, H3HM18 gearbox, H3HM19 gearbox, H3HM20 gearbox, H3HM21 gearbox, H3HM22 gearbox, H3HM23 gearbox, H3HM24 gearbox, H3HM25 gearbox, H3HM26 gearbox,
  • H3DH05 gearbox, H3DH06 gearbox, H3DH07 gearbox, H3DH08 gearbox, H3DH09 gearbox, H3DH10 gearbox, H3DH11 gearbox, H3DH12 gearbox, H3DH13 gearbox, H3DH14 gearbox, H3DH15 gearbox, H3DH16 gearbox, H3DH17 gearbox, H3DH18 gearbox, H3DH19 gearbox, H3DH20 gearbox, H3DH21 gearbox, H3DH22 gearbox, H3DH23 gearbox, H3DH24 gearbox, H3DH25 gearbox, H3DH26 gearbox,
  • H3DV05 gearbox, H3DV06 gearbox, H3DV07 gearbox, H3DV08 gearbox, H3DV09 gearbox, H3DV10 gearbox, H3DV11 gearbox, H3DV12 gearbox, H3DV13 gearbox, H3DV14 gearbox, H3DV15 gearbox, H3DV16 gearbox, H3DV17 gearbox, H3DV18 gearbox, H3DV19 gearbox, H3DV20 gearbox, H3DV21 gearbox, H3DV22 gearbox, H3DV23 gearbox, H3DV24 gearbox, H3DV25 gearbox, H3DV26 gearbox,
  • H3DM05 gearbox, H3DM06 gearbox, H3DM07 gearbox, H3DM08 gearbox, H3DM09 gearbox, H3DM10 gearbox, H3DM11 gearbox, H3DM12 gearbox, H3DM13 gearbox, H3DM14 gearbox, H3DM15 gearbox, H3DM16 gearbox, H3DM17 gearbox, H3DM18 gearbox, H3DM19 gearbox, H3DM20 gearbox, H3DM21 gearbox, H3DM22 gearbox, H3DM23 gearbox, H3DM24 gearbox, H3DM25 gearbox, H3DM26 gearbox,
  • H3KH05 gearbox, H3KH06 gearbox, H3KH07 gearbox, H3KH08 gearbox, H3KH09 gearbox, H3KH10 gearbox, H3KH11 gearbox, H3KH12 gearbox, H3KH13 gearbox, H3KH14 gearbox, H3KH15 gearbox, H3KH16 gearbox, H3KH17 gearbox, H3KH18 gearbox, H3KH19 gearbox, H3KH20 gearbox, H3KH21 gearbox, H3KH22 gearbox, H3KH23 gearbox, H3KH24 gearbox, H3KH25 gearbox, H3KH26 gearbox,
  • H3KV05 gearbox, H3KV06 gearbox, H3KV07 gearbox, H3KV08 gearbox, H3KV09 gearbox, H3KV10 gearbox, H3KV11 gearbox, H3KV12 gear box, H3KV13 gearbox, H3KV14 gearbox, H3KV15 gearbox, H3KV16 gearbox, H3KV17 gearbox, H3KV18 gearbox, H3KV19 gearbox, H3KV20 gearbox, H3KV21 gearbox, H3KV22 gearbox, H3KV23 gearbox, H3KV24 gearbox, H3KV25 gearbox, H3KV26 gearbox,
  • H3KM05 gearbox, H3KM06 gearbox, H3KM07 gearbox, H3KM08 gearbox, H3KM09 gearbox, H3KM10 gearbox, H3KM11 gearbox, H3KM12 gearbox, H3KM13 gearbox, H3KM14 gearbox, H3KM15 gearbox, H3KM16 gearbox, H3KM17 gearbox, H3KM18 gearbox, H3KM19 gearbox, H3KM20 gearbox, H3KM21 gearbox, H3KM22 gearbox, H3KM23 gearbox, H3KM24 gearbox, H3KM25 gearbox, H3KM26 gearbox,
  • H3FH05 gearbox, H3FH06 gearbox, H3FH07 gearbox, H3FH08 gearbox, H3FH09 gearbox, H3FH10 gearbox, H3FH11 gearbox, H3FH12 gearbox, H3FH13 gearbox, H3FH14 gearbox, H3FH15 gearbox, H3FH16 gearbox, H3FH17 gearbox, H3FH18 gearbox, H3FH19 gearbox, H3FH20 gearbox, H3FH21 gearbox, H3FH22 gearbox, H3FH23 gearbox, H3FH24 gearbox, H3FH25 gearbox, H3FH26 gearbox,
  • H3FV05 gearbox, H3FV06 gearbox, H3FV07 gearbox, H3FV08 gearbox, H3FV09 gearbox, H3FV10 gearbox, H3FV11 gearbox, H3FV12 gearbox, H3FV13 gearbox, H3FV14 gearbox, H3FV15 gearbox, H3FV16 gearbox, H3FV17 gearbox, H3FV18 gearbox, H3FV19 gearbox, H3FV20 gearbox, H3FV21 gearbox, H3FV22 gearbox, H3FV23 gearbox, H3FV24 gearbox, H3FV25 gearbox, H3FV26 gearbox,
  • H3FM05 gearbox, H3FM06 gearbox, H3FM07 gearbox, H3FM08 gearbox, H3FM09 gearbox, H3FM10 gearbox, H3FM11 gearbox, H3FM12 gearbox, H3FM13 gearbox, H3FM14 gearbox, H3FM15 gearbox, H3FM16 gearbox, H3FM17 gearbox, H3FM18 gearbox, H3FM19 gearbox, H3FM20 gearbox, H3FM21 gearbox, H3FM22 gearbox, H3FM23 gearbox, H3FM24 gearbox, H3FM25 gearbox, H3FM26 gearbox,
4 stages parallel shaft helical gearbox models:
  • H4SH07 gearbox, H4SH08 gearbox, H4SH09 gearbox, H4SH10 gearbox, H4SH11 gearbox, H4SH12 gearbox, H4SH13 gearbox, H4SH14 gearbox, H4SH15 gearbox, H4SH16 gearbox, H4SH17 gearbox, H4SH18 gearbox, H4SH19 gearbox, H4SH20 gearbox, H4SH21 gearbox, H4SH22 gearbox, H4SH23 gearbox, H4SH24 gearbox, H4SH25 gearbox, H4SH26 gearbox,
  • H4SV07 gearbox, H4SV08 gearbox, H4SV09 gearbox, H4SV10 gearbox, H4SV11 gearbox, H4SV12 gearbox, H4SV13 gearbox, H4SV14 gearbox, H4SV15 gearbox, H4SV16 gearbox, H4SV17 gearbox, H4SV18 gearbox, H4SV19 gearbox, H4SV20 gearbox, H4SV21 gearbox, H4SV22 gearbox, H4SV23 gearbox, H4SV24 gearbox, H4SV25 gearbox, H4SV26 gearbox,
  • H4HH07 gearbox, H4HH08 gearbox, H4HH09 gearbox, H4HH10 gearbox, H4HH11 gearbox, H4HH12 gearbox, H4HH13 gearbox, H4HH14 gearbox, H4HH15 gearbox, H4HH16 gearbox, H4HH17 gearbox, H4HH18 gearbox, H4HH19 gearbox, H4HH20 gearbox, H4HH21 gearbox, H4HH22 gearbox, H4HH23 gearbox, H4HH24 gearbox, H4HH25 gearbox, H4HH26 gearbox,
  • H4HV07 gearbox, H4HV08 gearbox, H4HV09 gearbox, H4HV10 gearbox, H4HV11 gearbox, H4HV12 gearbox, H4HV13 gearbox, H4HV14 gearbox, H4HV15 gearbox, H4HV16 gearbox, H4HV17 gearbox, H4HV18 gearbox, H4HV19 gearbox, H4HV20 gearbox, H4HV21 gearbox, H4HV22 gearbox, H4HV23 gearbox, H4HV24 gearbox, H4HV25 gearbox, H4HV26 gearbox
  • H4HM07 gearbox, H4HM08 gearbox, H4HM09 gearbox, H4HM10 gearbox, H4HM11 gearbox, H4HM12 gearbox, H4HM13 gearbox, H4HM14 gearbox, H4HM15 gearbox, H4HM16 gearbox, H4HM17 gearbox, H4HM18 gearbox, H4HM19 gearbox, H4HM20 gearbox, H4HM21 gearbox, H4HM22 gearbox, H4HM23 gearbox, H4HM24 gearbox, H4HM25 gearbox, H4HM26 gearbox,
  • H4DH07 gearbox, H4DH08 gearbox, H4DH09 gearbox, H4DH10 gearbox, H4DH11 gearbox, H4DH12 gearbox, H4DH13 gearbox, H4DH14 gearbox, H4DH15 gearbox, H34DH16 gearbox, H4DH17 gearbox, H4DH18 gearbox, H4DH19 gearbox, H4DH20 gearbox, H4DH21 gearbox, H4DH22 gearbox, H4DH23 gearbox, H4DH24 gearbox, H4DH25 gearbox, H4DH26 gearbox,
  • H4DV07, H4DV08, H4DV09, H4DV10, H4DV11, H4DV12, H4DV13, H4DV14, H4DV15, H4DV16, H4DV17, H4DV18, H4DV19, H4DV20, H4DV21, H4DV22, H4DV23, H4DV24, H4DV25, H4DV26
  • H4DM07, H4DM08, H4DM09, H4DM10, H4DM11, H4DM12, H4DM13, H4DM14, H4DM15, H4DM16, H4DM17, H4DM18, H4DM19, H4DM20, H4DM21, H4DM22, H4DM23, H4DM24, H4DM25, H4DM26
  • H4KH07 gearbox, H4KH08 gearbox, H4KH09 gearbox, H4KH10 gearbox, H4KH11 gearbox, H4KH12 gearbox, H4KH13 gearbox, H4KH14 gearbox, H4KH15 gearbox, H4KH16 gearbox, H4KH17 gearbox, H4KH18 gearbox, H4KH19 gearbox, H4KH20 gearbox, H4KH21 gearbox, H4KH22 gearbox, H4KH23 gearbox, H4KH24 gearbox, H4KH25 gearbox, H4KH26 gearbox,
  • H4KV07 gearbox, H4KV08 gearbox, H4KV09 gearbox, H4KV10 gearbox, H4KV11 gearbox, H4KV12 gearbox, H4KV13 gearbox, H4KV14 gearbox, H4KV15 gearbox, H4KV16 gearbox, H4KV17 gearbox, H4KV18 gearbox, H4KV19 gearbox, H4KV20 gearbox, H4KV21 gearbox, H4KV22 gearbox, H4KV23 gearbox, H4KV24 gearbox, H4KV25 gearbox, H4KV26 gearbox,
  • H4KM07 gearbox, H4KM08 gearbox, H4KM09 gearbox, H4KM10 gearbox, H4KM11 gearbox, H4KM12 gearbox, H4KM13 gearbox, H4KM14 gearbox, H4KM15 gearbox, H4KM16 gearbox, H4KM17 gearbox, H4KM18 gearbox, H4KM19 gearbox, H4KM20 gearbox, H4KM21 gearbox, H4KM22 gearbox, H4KM23 gearbox, H4KM24 gearbox, H4KM25 gearbox, H4KM26 gearbox,
  • H4FH07 gearbox, H4FH08 gearbox, H4FH09 gearbox, H4FH10 gearbox, H4FH11 gearbox, H4FH12 gearbox, H4FH13 gearbox, H4FH14 gearbox, H4FH15 gearbox, H4FH16 gearbox, H4FH17 gearbox, H4FH18 gearbox, H4FH19 gearbox, H4FH20 gearbox, H4FH21 gearbox, H4FH22 gearbox, H4FH23 gearbox, H4FH24 gearbox, H4FH25 gearbox, H4FH26 gearbox,
  • H4FV07 gearbox, H4FV08 gearbox, H4FV09 gearbox, H4FV10 gearbox, H4FV11 gearbox, H4FV12 gearbox, H4FV13 gearbox, H4FV14 gearbox, H4FV15 gearbox, H4FV16 gearbox, H4FV17 gearbox, H4FV18 gearbox, H4FV19 gearbox, H4FV20 gearbox, H4FV21 gearbox, H4FV22 gearbox, H4FV23 gearbox, H4FV24 gearbox, H4FV25 gearbox, H4FV26 gearbox,
  • H4FM07 gearbox, H4FM08 gearbox, H4FM09 gearbox, H4FM10 gearbox, H4FM11 gearbox, H4FM12 gearbox, H4FM13 gearbox, H4FM14 gearbox, H4FM15 gearbox, H4FM16v, H4FM17 gearbox, H4FM18 gearbox, H4FM19 gearbox, H4FM20 gearbox, H4FM21 gearbox, H4FM22 gearbox, H4FM23 gearbox, H4FM24 gearbox, H4FM25 gearbox, H4FM26 gearbox,

Structure Drawing

HB series industrial gearbox structure drawing


Parallel shaft gear unit modular design


H3HV12 Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box
H3HV12 Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box
H3SH6 Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox
H3SH6 Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox
FLK H3SH12 Helical Reduction Gear Box
H3SH12 Helical Reduction Gear Box


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