Industrial Gearbox / Geared Motor / Planetary Speed Reducer Troubleshooting

single stage vertical speed reducer with pump

Fails Fails Feature Methods of Removing Fail Solutions Other Indication
Leakage from  adaptor and gearbox 1.There isn’t good fitting,need to tighten screws.
2.There isn’t enough depth of screws,need to replace suitable ones.
3.There isn’t regular matching,cleaning the two faces or replace papel gasket
1.Tightened screws , running 1-2 hours , checking it again.
2.The same item 1.
3.Checking the faces with hand before assembly and without any rough feeling.
1.Over tightened fitting between adaptor and gearbox,the screws are not tight enough.
2.Screws hole machined not good and depth is not enough.
Oil seal Leakage 1.Disassembling seal and checking it,replacing new one if necessary.
2.checking and controlling oil level get to the center of oil glass,draining exceed oil form oil plug.
1.Testing and put air pressure to gearbox and checking if there is still leakage.
2.Viewing oil level on oil glass.
Oil seal be broken or deformed or incorrect assembled during assembly.
Leakage from oil glass or/and oil plugs 1.oil glass or/and oil plug loose,tightening them and avoiding too tight.
2.The O-ring of oil glass or/and oil plug are aging,broken,need to replace them timely.
1. Checking if there is leakage on this area. Oil glass or/and drain oil might be machined incorrectly.
High Temperature raising The housing is too hot to touch or has high temperature be measured by thermometer. 1.Open venting plug and removing hot.
2.Checking if there is enough oil in housing,otherwise,fill more oil.
3.Replacing higher density oil.
4.Adding cooling parts.improving working ambient.
1.Placing thermometer in the lifting screw hole and measuring housing’s temperature.
2.Touching housing with hand so that comparing the feeling.
Small housing, compact structure
Bearings has high temperature raise. Adjusting bearing’s assembled position, relieving extra heat be caused by over tightened bearings 1.Stop running and testing bearings temperature. Assembly so tight that there are some clamping stagnation.
Gears heating 1.Adjusting the assembled gap of gears. The same as item 1 Gap between gears too small or the gap not regular
Motor heating 1.Adjusting the run-out value between motor shaft and adaptor.
2.Adjusting motor bearings’s assembly gap and adding lubricate oil so that motor run smoothly.
3.Replacing motor fan timely.
1.Running and testing.
2.Running it with hand and rorate smoothly
3.shook it with hand and without loose.
1.the shaft of motor rotor run-out so much that caused over small gap between rotor and stator and create heat.
2. Bearings assembly so tight that there are some clamping stagnation.
3.cooling fan broke or deformed.
Noise Gearbox has irregular sound 1.disassemble gearbox and amend gears that has problem.
2.Disassemble clip and increase gasket according to gap until to without claping stagnation.
There isn’t monobuoy noise The gear beside snap ring has bounce up and down
Gearbox has irregular sound 1.Disassemble gears and remove blur and sharp corner.
2.Clean up bearings and housing,keeping the housing clean.
3.Checking housing and gears whether meet requirements or not.
Sound slight and regular
Noise from motor and gearbox adaptor 1.Adjusting gap of motor shaft and its contacting gear and the vertical angle or changing rubber gasket’s position.
2.Disassembling motor and checking its flange’s run-out value.Replacing motor if the values is incorrect.
Vibration should be very small as well as has slight sound.