Why do gear motors overheat?

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Customers often overheat when using gear motors, and to be on the safe side, they need to stop and double-check. The following is a general summary of the reasons for the heat of the gear motor.

Motor heating

1. The voltage is unstable

① When using a gear motor, the voltage is too low or overloaded, the tractor is stuck or the lubrication is poor. At this time, measure whether the voltage is too low. If the power cord is too thin, you can properly replace the power cord and increase the voltage. An ammeter should measure current. If it is overloaded, the load should be properly controlled, and if conditions permit, it can be blown with a fan or blower to enhance cooling. After troubleshooting the machine, add lubricating oil to the machine.

② The gear motor voltage is too high or the wiring is wrong. Check whether the voltage is normal and whether the voltage control is correct.

2. The environment is harsh, and the heat dissipation of the motor is blocked

Gear motor environment is closed, poorly ventilated or exposed to sunlight. Inspect the motor fan for damage or looseness, for proper operation, and remove any objects blocking the air duct.

3. Motor overload operation

The overload of the gear motor causes the motor to heat abnormally. Solution: Reduce the load or switch to a geared motor with high motor power.

4. Broken bar of cage rotor

The inner coil is broken, and the rotor of the motor should be replaced after it is determined that the broken bar of the cage rotor is a broken bar.

5. The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is too frequent

If the gear motor has frequent forward and reverse rotations or has too many starts, thermal problems will also occur. Reduce the number of forward and reverse rotations or starts of the motor, or replace other ordinary motors suitable for forward and reverse rotation.

6. Internal short circuit of the motor

In gear motors, the windings are short-circuited or the stator windings are partially grounded. Open the motor for charred coils or components, test temperature and current in different locations, find short circuits, handle, pad insulation, then brush insulation paint to dry.

The reducer housing is hot

1. The gears, shafts or bearings of the gear reducer motor gearbox are worn. Solution: Repair or replace gearbox gears, shafts or bearings;

2. Overload operation;

3. Insufficient lubricating oil;

4. There are impurities inside.

Hope the above content can help those in need!