Electric Hoist Drive Units and Gear Motors

Electric Hoist Drive Units and Gear Motors

FLK QZ series wire rope hoist lifting drive system is 3 stage parallel shaft helical geared motor with compact design, high efficiency, long shaft distance can install drum with larger diameter. FLK QZ series hoist units offers specifically geared motors with brakes for direct drive of rope drums in five sizes. The hoist unit design is based on FEM calculations for standard lifting gear allowing safe and reliable lifting of loads from 3.2 to 40 tons in 4/1 falls.


European hoist hoisting reducer — Reference FEM

The lifting and lowering drive system of the electric hoist is of standard design. The box body is made of A356 aluminum alloy, T6 treatment, three-stage parallel shaft. The hoistgear reducer integrated with motor brake, installation, the interface is consistent with international products. It is highly interchangeable. The gears are made of low-carbon alloy steel and carbonized gear grinding process to reduce noise and increase service life.


  • Compact and heavy duty drive units
  • Large axis base for assembly in U-design
  • Direct mounting of rope drums
  • Available in lifting speeds of 4 / 5 / 6.3 and 8 m/min (4/1 falls)
  • Low weight of drive unit
  • Easy to mount

Product Form

  • Transmission Stage: 3 stage.
  • Mounting: Suspension mounted.
  • Parallel Output: Involute spline solid shaft.

Technical Data

  • Size: QZ3201~QZ40000
  • Lifting mode: Double-Speed Brake, Variable frequency brake
  • Duty: M4-M7(ISO)/1Am-4m(FERM)
  • Lifting weight(t):3.2~40
  • Lifting speed(m/min): 0.66~8.0
  • Input power(kW): 0.44~29.2


ABM standard Hoist drive units
ABM standard Hoist drive units
ABM standard Hoist drive units
QZ series Hoist drive unit
ABM standard Hoist drive units


The products are  used in wire rope hoist, electric hoist, crane lifting drive system.

For any information, inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. FLK drive is always at your service.

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