RPAF63 Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor

RP series Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor

Model RP33, RP43, RP63, RP73, RP83, RP93, RP103, RP123
Ratio 5.36~14526
Input power 0.12 KW~95 KW
Output torque Up to 18000 N.m


MRD Drive RP series parallel shaft helical geared motors are widely used for automotive industry, beer and beverage industry, light industry, reboticized storage equipments, timber chemical industry,and man-made board machinery, tobacco machinery, food, metallurgy, building materials industry, pulp&paper, port and environment technology, etc.


  • Adopt optimized design— modular combination, small in size
  • Vertical output —Space saving
  • High efficiency, up to 97% with large output torque and starts steady
  • The gears are durable with long service life
  • Forward and reverse operation function
  • Combined with various motors
  • The gearbox can be combined with mechanical variable speed driver and as a step less variable motor
  • Matched with variable frequency drive to control speed and output torque

Technical Data

  • Ratio: 5.36~14526
  • Motor Power:  0.12 KW~95 KW
  • Mounting: Foot mounted, Flange mounted, Torque Arm mounted
  • Output Shaft: Solid shaft, Hollow shaft

Key Points of Selection:

It must be chear that the service factor f(See the table below), output speed and motor power when selecting RP series parallel shaft helical geared motor. The service factor fB shows the application and working condition for the working machine. If you want the gears of the speed reducer be durable, the actual service factor of the working machine fBL should lower than fB, that is fBL < fB.
fB: The maxium service factor of the geared motor
fBL: Actual service factor of the working machine

Running hours per day 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours 24 hours
Starting frequency per hour <10  10-200  <200 <10  10-200  <200 <10  10-200  <200 <10  10-200  <200
Uniform Load —    0.8      1 0.9     1     1.1 1      1.1    1.2 1.2    1.3    1.5
Moderate shock load 1     1.1     1.3 1.1     1.2   1.3 1.2    1.4    1.5 1.4    1.5    1.6
Heavy shock load 1.3   1.4     1.5 1.4     1.5   1.6 1.5    1.6    1.7 1.6    1.7    1.8

Type and Designation

MRD Drive RP series parallel shaft helical gear units type designation

Available models:


Symbol Explanation:

DA: Foot mounted,; hollow shaft
F:  B5 flange mounted; solid shaft
FV: B5 flange mounted; spline hollow shaft
AV: torque arm mounted; spline hollow shaft
ZV: B14 flange mounted; spline hollow shaft
OS: Input hole mode
D:  Foot mounted; solid shaft
DV: Foot mounted; spline hollow shaft
FA: B5 flange mounted; hollow shaft
AT: Torque arm mounted; hollow shaft
ZA: B14 flange mounted; hollow shaft
ZS: Input shaft mode

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