MRD Drive Gearbox BW12-11-90B5

MRD Drive Cycloidal Gearbox for ZPMC

  • BW12-11-90B5
  • WX12-11-90B5
  • MRD – Drive BW12-1/29-100B5-QT,
  • MRD BW13-29-112B5-QT
  • MRD BW13-29-112B5-ZG


MRD Drive Cycloidal Pin-wheel Reducer(reducer, speed transmission, speed reducer, gearmotor, gearbox, gear unit, reductor), especially for ZPMC cranes.

  • Low noise and smooth running.
  • High loading capacity, low in temperature rise and the long useful life.
  • Compact structure, small size, convenient maintenance.
  • Specifications: Single and double
  • Transmission ratio: Single stage 6~87, double stage 99~7569
  • Structures: Double-shaft and Direct-joint
  • Installation: Foot and flange

Gearbox Drawing:

mrd drive BW12 BW13 GEAR REDUCER

BW13 BW12 Cyclo gearboxes

Available Model:

  • BW12-11-90B5
  • BW12-11-100B5-QT
  • BW12-I-112B5-QT
  • BW13-29-112B5-QT for Crane RTG ZPMC
  • BW13-29-112B5-ZG
  • BW13-I-132B5-QT
    Note: “I” stands for RATIO

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