MRD Drive T2-1-LR-B3 speed reducer

T series Spiral Bevel Gear Steering Box

Model T2, T4, T6, T8, T10, T12, T16, T20, T25
Ratio 1~5:1
Input power 0.04 KW-335 KW
Output torque 10 N.m-5700 N.m


MRD Drive T series spiral bevel speed reducer can rotate in either clockwise or anticlockwise and adopts a structure design of multi-direction and integrated input and output shaft. It has features of small volume, high loading capability,wide power range, low noise, high efficiency, flexible in alternating directions freely.


  • Large in transmission force
  • Adaptability to forward and reverse rotation
  • Small vibration and low noise
  • The surface of spiral bevel gear is heat treated and carburized
  • Multiple output directions can be selected.

Technical Data

  • Size: T2 , T4, T6, T8 , T10, T12, T16 , T20, T25
  • Technical Data(N·m): 10 N.m-5700 N.m
  • Gear Ratio: 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1
  • Input Power(kW): 0.04 KW~335 KW
  • Output shaft: Solid shaft
  • Shaft arrangement: One input shaft、Two input shafts、Unilateral output shaft、Double side output shaft

Available Models

Type T2 T4 T6 T7 T8 T10 T12 T16 T20 T25
Ratio 1:1    1.5:1    2:1    2.5:1    3:1    4:1    5:1
Weight(KG) 4 10 21 32 49 78 124 188 297 488

Note: The weights in the list are mean values without motor and only for reference. Some types don’t include some ratios, for example, T2 and T4 have no ratio 1.5:1.

  • T2-1:1-1-1-L-B3
  • T2-1:1-1-LR-B3
  • T2-1:1-1-LR-O-B3
  • T2-1:1-1-1-LR-B3
  • T2-1-LR-B3

Structure Drawing

Spiral bevel gearbox T series structure view


MRD Drive T series spiral bevel gear steering gear is widely used in food machinery, chemical machinery, woodworking machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, smelting equipment, medical equipment and other ideal products requiring deceleration transmission.

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