gearbox for Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

LSJ series Planetary Gearbox for Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

LSJ series gearbox is suitable for straight line wire drawing machine. As for the drawing machine work in 24 hours continously, the gearbox should be safe and reliable. The metal drawing machine is very strict with continously operation, it will cause severe economic loss once break off. Our LSJ series gearbox has solved the problem with reliable structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance, especially for straight line wire drawing machine.


  • Gearbox reducer especially designed for straight line wire drawing equipment.
  • The gearbox is designed according to the installation characteristics of the wire drawing machine, with easy and fast for installation and disassembly.
  • Integrated design with water pan, equipped with water inlet hole, return hole, drum cooling is sufficient, cooling water discharge is smooth.
  • The input adopts unloading structure, which has good sealing performance and long service life.
  • The reducer adopts planetary gear structure, which has small size, high efficiency, large torque and strong steel wire can climbing ability.

Product Form

  • Transmission Stage: single stage, 2 stage, 3 stage.
  • Input form: Solid shaft ( flat key way or involute spline)
  • Output form: solid shaft (1:10 taper)

Technical Data

  • Size: LSJ28~LSJ108
  • Gear Ratio: 5.43~78.8
  • Input Power(kW): 11~110
  • Diameter of Capstan(mm): 300~1200


Model Ratio Motor power Diameter of Capstan(mm)
LSJ28-1E 5.43 11-22kw 400-450
LSJ28-1E1L 5.43-25 11-22kw 400-450
LSJ28-2E 25,28,31.5,35.5,40 11-22kw 400-450
LSJ48-1E 5.43 30-55kw 500-600
LSJ48-1E1L 5.43-25 30-55kw 500-600
LSJ48-2E 25,28,31.5,35.5,40 30-55kw 500-600
LSJ68-1E 5.29 75kw 700-900
LSJ68-1E1L 5.29-25 75kw 700-900
LSJ68-2E 25,28,31.5,35.5,40 75kw 700-900
LSJ108-1E 4, 5.25 90-110kw 1000-1200
LSJ108-2E 15.5, 18.664, 20.34, 25 90-110kw 1000-1200
LSJ108-3E 60.06, 63.4, 78.8 90-110kw 1000-1200


LSJ series Gearbox Reducer for Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine


LSJ series gearboxes are widely used in Straight wire drawing machine, water tank wire-drawing machine, coiling and uncoiling device, planetary strander, closing machine, etc.

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